Triple Pane Glass: Should I Replace my Windows with Triple Pane Glass?

Triple pane glass, simply stated, is a window glass package with three sheets of glass in it, rather than two. You might hear it called triple glazing.

Replacement windows and triple pane glass are on my mind.  I hear people talk about triple pane glass all the time.  What's the big deal?  Is it worth it?

Triple pane glass, simply stated, is a window glass package with three sheets of glass in it, Triple Pane Glassrather than two.   You might hear it called triple glazing.   It just means that in addition to the outer pane of glass and the inner pane, there is a third sheet of glass nestled in between.   There are three main advantages to triple pane glass.

  1. With the third sheet of glass a second chamber is created inside the glass unit to fill with insulating gas, making the performance of the window stronger and the product itself more energy efficient.   Our newest glass package has even wider chambers, with over an inch of insulating space!
  2. A combination of the glass windows with triple panes and the higher insulation value provides a greater sound barrier.  This is especially important if you live near a noisy road, or an airport.    I’ll be honest.  My bedroom window faces  the neighbor with the dog that barks non stop.  If I ever replaced that window, I would seriously consider triple pane!
  3. Status.  There is no question that a triple pane window will be stronger, heavier, and more efficient that a typical double pane window.  Knowing that it is a “better” window in that regard provides any owner of a triple pane window with some status.   If you are someone who likes having the best in your home; consider triple pane.

Does that help? If you know you need replacement windows but are still not sure if triple pane glass is right for you, call Steve the Window Guy from Universal Windows Direct, MN.  We can come out and show you window samples, double and triple pane glass samples and then  have a discussion with you about your all the available options and what makes sense to put in your home.   Contact us today at 612-866-2888.

Author:  Melissa Brager

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