Steve the WIndow Guy films TV Commercial

Join us for a behind the scenes look at the filming of Steve's TV Commercial

 Steve the  Window Guy will soon be on TV!

Imagine this.   It’s 5:00 in the morning.   You wake up, shower, and then wander into the kitchen for your morning coffee.    You turn  on WCCO to get the morning news and some insight into the weather.    You slowly sip your coffee and zone out at the TV.  Then,   all of a sudden, BAM!!   Steve the Window Guy.  He is there on screen, in your face, and exuding WAY MORE enthusiasm than any human should really have at that hour of the morning.  

  Steve The Window Guy

 Sounds great, doesn’t it?

 The decision to go on TV wasn’t an easy one.    We wanted to make sure when we did it, we did it right.   We are results people.    We will be on TV for a year.   We will change our messages, but Steve the Window Guy will be a constant visitor in the homes of people throughout the Twin Cities during their morning routine.   Get used to it.  Make him your friend.  You’re going to love him.

Our whole team is amazing.   From our marketing agency to the camera guy, to our WCCO account rep to our producer…. Everyone was awesome and positive, and super professional.    Here is how the day went:

Our studio time was at 10:00am.   Steve and I met ALO (our agency rep) at WCCO studios downtown.  We scored some on street parking in our window-mobile and were buzzed in to the reception area.    We were then treated to WCCO visitor badges and ushered into the cozy waiting room.   We spent the next 10 minutes tightening up our ad copy and running through the storyboard.   

When the filming space was ready we got the quick tour on the way up there.   First we saw the Newsroom  (SO COOL), then the actual News set (WAY COOLER) and then our space (THE COOLEST).   We met our camera guy and producer, and then I stepped to the side to powder Steve’s nose. 

 Steve the Window Guy talks about RoofingWe taped on the green screen so luckily we didn’t wear green.  (HA HA)

Steve stepped in front of the camera and was a total natural.   I know it was nerveracking.  He just stood there and delivered his lines and smiled that big goofy smile that he is known for.  It was awesome!

Steve the Window Guy talks about Siding



We had multiple takes that were so good they could be used.  It felt so good to know that we’d end up with a great commercial that represented him so well.  After all, if Steve the Window Guy is coming out to your house, you really want to know what to expect, right?


Feeling much more calm on our second pass through the TV set we hopped up on the anchor’s chairs for a photo op.  I’m not ashamed to say that I needed help getting up on my chair.  It was super high and the wheels looked serious.  I was afraid the chair was going to roll away and leave me in a crumpled mess on the floor!   Here we are.  Hamming it up.

at desk

Our last stop in the magical TV tour was the Rooftop Space.  AMAZING.   We live in the most beautiful city.  

WCCO Rooftopmpls view

Our commercial will start airing on Monday, May 12 in the 4:30am – 9am time slot.   We can’t wait for you to see it.  When you do, drop us a line and let us know what you think!

Author:  Melissa Brager

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Universal Windows Direct at Father Hennepin Days 2013

Universal Windows Direct will be participating in the Father Hennepin Days Business Expo June 8, 2013 !

We have done so many Home Shows and Summer Events that we have preparing for them and packing down to a science.   We bring different samples for different size booths, for example.   We bring carpet to an indoor event and lots of bungee cords and weights to outdoor events so our tent doesn't blow away.   When we are done packing the back of the truck is a work of art.  Every single thing is in its place.

But that was before baby.  She is 13 months now so she is at a more "normal" place schedule wise.  This means we can take her with us to more of these summer events.  So Father Hennepin Days is officially moving into a Family Fun Day that won't even feel like work!     We can spend some time in the tent with Steve and then we can explore the rest of the Festival.   I checked the Father Hennepin Days Event Schedule today and in addition to the Business Expo there is a Craft Fair, Carnival Rides, a Petting Zoo and a Skateboard Park...  just to name a few events.  We'll just bombard her senses and then she'll take a huge nap.   Right?   The weather is supposed to be very nice and mild so she might even get to nap in the stroller outside in the fresh air.    I don't know about you, but that sounds divine to me.

That's all for now.   We'll post pictures of the fun tomorrow on our Facebook page.

Oh - PS - If you are in the area we'd love for you to stop by our booth and see Steve the Window Guy!   We'll have samples of windows, siding, doors and roofing, brochures, and even some coupons.

Enjoy your weekend!

Melissa Brager

Universal Windows Direct, MN

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Universal Windows Direct: Making us Memorable

Window replacement companies in the Twin Cities.   Do you want to guess at how many there are?   It seems like there are thousands.   I can only imagine how confusing it must be for a homeowner to make a decision on which company to call for an estimate.     Even when a homeowner goes to a home show to look at windows it can be overwhelming because (and I swear I am not exaggerating here) 25-50% of the vendors at some shows will sell you a window.  Is it easier if you are looking for a siding or roofing contractor?  I don't think so.

Remember Us?

The challenge for us is being memorable.  So what can we do to become memorable?  When you see us at a home show what makes you stop and talk to us?   When you are surfing online for information what makes you stop on our page and explore for awhile?  What can we do to help you remember us?

I overhear sales guys on the phone making calls to homeowners they just met last week.  Those phone calls oftentimes start like this.  "From Universal Windows Direct. Universal Windows Direct.  Universal.  Windows. Direct." Our name just isn't ringing any bells to them.   They have looked at and talked to so many different window companies that everybody has started to sound alike. No matter how much fun they had in their home talking about their project with us, they just don't remember that the guy calling them on the phone is the one they liked.  Sometimes the homeowners actually say "Hold on while I get my notes"  and then they come back and say "OH HI!!  We like you!  Thanks for calling!"

Sure, it sounds a bit crazy but it makes sense.  It is human nature.   Shopping for windows can be like shopping for that perfect pair of dress pants.   Do you remember the last time you ventured into the Mall looking for pants?  After shopping for hours you finally decide on the perfect pair and you get ready to make your purchase.  But where was that store again?   What was the name of it?   Suddenly every store you go in to looks the same.   All the pants look the same.   All the sales people  sound the same.   You're so overwhelmed that you don't care anymore.  "These pants are fine", you tell yourself.  "The price isn't what I wanted but it is fine" You just want to be done.  You make the purchase and cross it off your list.

So here is my point.   We have plans to make us more memorable.  Big plans.  Plans to make us stick in your head..  catchy plans if you will.   Plans to make you smile when you see us.      We want you to know that when you are looking for a window  siding or door contractor we are the ones you are looking for.   We don't want there to be a doubt in your head that its us.  You are going to love working with us and we are going to take good care of you.

We can't wait to show you what we've been working on.   Next week's blog is going to be a doozie.   See you then!

Author:Melissa Brager

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