UniShield Max: Universal Windows Direct, MN Now Offers UniShield Max Windows

UniShield Max is the latest product development in the exclusive UniShield line of windows sold by Universal Windows Direct dealers across the nation.

UniShield Max is here!

UniShield Max is the latest product development in the exclusive UniShield line of windows sold by Universal Windows Direct dealers across the nation.   In Minnesota, look no further than Universal Windows Direct, Twin Cities servicing the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro Area.

The UniShield Max  is an enhanced replacement window that adds construction stability, strength and insulation into the actual frames and sashes.    Combine it with our double pane or triple pane glass packages with argon or krypton fill and you will find yourself with one of the best windows you can buy.

innergy product photoInnergy comes standard with UniShield Max.  Innergy is  an advanced fiberglass reinforced resin insert that is specially designed to slide into window and door chambers to provide greater insulation AND greater support to your window frames. It eliminates the use of  metal or aluminum as a part of the window construction; increasing the window's performance by 700 times over windows with aluminum in them.

Heat Stopper TechnologyHeat Stopper technology is another standard feature in the UniShield Max.   This technology eliminates hollow chambers in the window frame and sashes by filling them.  While  some air circulation in the window frame is needed;  when the entire chamber is empty too much air circulates and the entire outside of the frame and sash can get extremely cold.  Heat stopper can keep more of that cold outside, and the additional structure it provides gives more strength to the window sashes; ensuring that your brand new windows will look brand new for years and years to come.

UniShield Max is simply a combination of the innergy feature, the heat stopper technology, our super spacer, and our energy efficient glass packages.  It truly delivers a strong, long lasting window that is perfect for the Minnesota climate.

So  who is the ideal customer for the UniShield Max?   We believe that every homeowner who likes the no maintenance side of vinyl, and who wants to put an insulated, energy efficient window into their home is going to love the UniShield Max.  Does that sound like you?  Call Steve the Window Guy at today for your free, no obligation estimate!

Steve The Window Guy sells more than just windows in MN! Steve The Window Guy sells more than just windows in MN!

Author:  Melissa Brager

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Universal Windows Direct Joins Pinterest!

Universal Windows Direct is on PinterestWe did it.   We joined Pinterest.   I couldn't resist.   I love the idea of infusing our personalities, and our company culture into marketing windows, siding, and doors.   I resisted for a long while because I couldn't fathom why anyone would visit a board full of pictures of windows.   Furthermore, would anyone actually re-pin a window?   Or siding? For heavens sakes no.

But - I recently read a great article  about marketing small business with Pinterest and it made sense to me.   We live in a city that is overflowing with home improvement companies.   If you pay attention, you can  literally see 10+  ads every single day from companies selling windows siding and doors.  (I am working at the library today and one was sitting on the table next to me!)

So people matter.   When you buy from Universal Windows Direct, Twin Cities you aren't buying from a big corporate giant or box store.   You are buying from Melissa and Steve Brager.  You are supporting small business in your community.   And....  you are getting a superior, energy efficient product at a factory direct price.  That is the beauty of it.

So who are Melissa and Steve?  What are they all about?   Do you share any interests with them?  Maybe.   We have lots of different ways you can find out.  Subscribe to our blog for valuable information on our products and the buying process - as well as a behind the scenes look at our business.   Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get up to the minute updates on what we're up to.   See what articles we have found interesting and view pictures of jobs we have done recently.

Then check out Pinterest.    We have boards that feature our product, yes.   We also have boards that show:

  • Us out working at home improvement fairs
  • Pictures of our life as small business owners
  • Burger Friday recipes
  • Front Door Decoration Ideas
  • Pumpkin Fun - because I LOVE seasonal decorating and holiday traditions
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Small Business Marketing

I'm excited to grow our boards and keep on pinning.   What kinds of things should we add?  Would love to hear from you!

Melissa Brager

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