Foggy Windows: Why are my new windows fogging up?

This blog post reviews why you might see fog on your brand new windows.

Has this ever happened to you?    You step into the kitchen to get a hot cup of coffee and notice that the entire window is fogged up.

Like this.fogged up window

You freak out.   Didn’t that window guy tell you that a fogged up window is a sign of seal failure?   Didn’t he say that his windows had this amazing warranty so they were guaranteed not to fog up?   You just spent all this money on new windows and now this?

You’re mad.  You panic.

Deep breath.

This is normal. Your new windows are still awesome.


Here is the thing.   There are two kinds of condensation that can be on windows: Exterior Condensation.  The kind you can drag your finger through and leave a drippy mess. Interior Condensation.   The kind that is in between the panes of glass.    You can’t touch it.

What causes condensation on your windows?

  1. Exterior condensation is typically found when temperatures outside are very hot and humid, and the temperature inside is very cool and dry.  Like August in MN.  Like today.
  2. Interior condensation is typically found when your window seal has failed – so all the gas has escaped and any wind and water that wants to gather and get trapped in between the window panes is welcome to.

So as you can see, exterior condensation is really nothing to worry about.   If it is indoors you can reduce humidity.  If it is outdoors you can be happy that it is summer because we all know that in Minnesota, summer is fleeting.

Steve The Window Guy


However, if you interior condensation and are afraid that your windows have failed, call us.   We’ll send Steve the Window Guy out to your home to take a look, diagnose the problem, and give you a quote on some new energy efficient windows.



Author:  Melissa Brager








My week in review: Universal Windows Direct talks Small Business Ownership

This blog post will give you a small glimpse into what small business ownership has been like for me this week.

Small Business Ownership.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like?  This blog post will give you a small glimpse into what it has been like for me this week.

First of all, I should say I am writing this on a rainy Friday morning.   I am super casual, barefoot in fact, and alone in the office with the latest Cities 97 sampler playing loudly.    On my desk is a large very dark roast from Starbucks and a container of fruit that I picked up at Kowalski’s this morning.  I have the freedom to stop and pick things up for my day, just as I have the freedom to snuggle my little girl for as long as she wants before leaving daycare.   Other parents come and go while I’m there and I let them.  They have bosses, deadlines, meetings and people waiting for them.

I have work.

Enormous, never ending piles of work.

You know when your order a huge salad at a restaurant and you feel like you’ve been eating it forever but it still looks like a full bowl?  That is how my work is.  Effort and result doesn’t impact volume.  It is weird.

Some days I have constant interruptions – the drop everything and do this right now kind of interruptions.  Are you familiar with Covey’s Time Management matrix?  Those are quadrant 4 days.  THE WORST kind of days.   I had 2 of those days this week.

Other days I just give in to the work.  I literally pile it up on my desk and dedicate myself to touching each paper only one time and just doing it.  I don’t care how random the task is or how many programs I have open on my desktop.   I just work on eliminating the pile.   According to Strength finder I am and ACHIEVER.  I need to get something productive done every day to stay in balance.   I had one of those days this week.

Still other days I am alone for the entire day and I have the freedom to jump into a project and give it the real focus and time to do it right, and help it move forward.   The days I get to put plans and ideas into action to help our business move forward are my favorite. They feed my other strengths of STRATEGIC ANALYTICAL and RELATOR.   I also had one of those days this week.

Looking at the last four days, I have at some point or another I have functioned in each of the following roles: • Bookkeeper • Accounts Receivable Rep • Customer Service Rep • Job Estimator • Job Scheduler • Office Manager • Search Engine Marketer • Copyrightertessie office mess • Project Manager • Office Manager • Graphic Designer

I also managed to work one entire day with my 2 year old in the office with me.

Crazy, right?

Once upon a time, in what seems a lifetime ago, worked for a very large company in Human Resources.   I thought I had variety but mostly what I had was a lot of the same.  A tremendous amount of the same.   I was a machine going through the motions.  I was unable to shake the feeling that I was working in an alternate universe.  Within the 4 walls of that building, nothing (and I mean nothing) was actually as important as what people thought.   The urgency that existed from 8-5 (or 6 or 7) was gone when I got to my car.   It seemed the work didn’t matter.   I knew that life wasn’t for me.

I came away from that alternate universe with tools and systems and processes.   Peggy taught me a mess is fine if you can find what you need.  Heather gave me great time management skills like Covey’s matrix and the pink folder daily system.  And Mark taught me the “touch it once” philosophy and encouraged me to track weekly progress against goals.   I use all of these things.   I know that no matter what my week throws at me I can keep this machine moving forward.

Business ownership still contains long days and it does put us in a constant on call situation.  Our nights and weekends are interrupted more often than not.  But the work matters.  We work with our customers making decisions to improve their homes.  We offer products people can afford.  We help them improve curb appeal.  We repair damage.  We keep their homes safe.  We increase the energy efficiency of their homes and we help them lower their heating and cooling bills.

There is no alternate universe here there is only our universe.

And we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

If you have a home improvement project and are looking for a quote on it, call us.  We'd love to meet you.

Author:  Melissa Brager

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Steve The Window Guy sells more than just windows in MN!


UniShield Max: Universal Windows Direct, MN Now Offers UniShield Max Windows

UniShield Max is the latest product development in the exclusive UniShield line of windows sold by Universal Windows Direct dealers across the nation.

UniShield Max is here!

UniShield Max is the latest product development in the exclusive UniShield line of windows sold by Universal Windows Direct dealers across the nation.   In Minnesota, look no further than Universal Windows Direct, Twin Cities servicing the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro Area.

The UniShield Max  is an enhanced replacement window that adds construction stability, strength and insulation into the actual frames and sashes.    Combine it with our double pane or triple pane glass packages with argon or krypton fill and you will find yourself with one of the best windows you can buy.

innergy product photoInnergy comes standard with UniShield Max.  Innergy is  an advanced fiberglass reinforced resin insert that is specially designed to slide into window and door chambers to provide greater insulation AND greater support to your window frames. It eliminates the use of  metal or aluminum as a part of the window construction; increasing the window's performance by 700 times over windows with aluminum in them.

Heat Stopper TechnologyHeat Stopper technology is another standard feature in the UniShield Max.   This technology eliminates hollow chambers in the window frame and sashes by filling them.  While  some air circulation in the window frame is needed;  when the entire chamber is empty too much air circulates and the entire outside of the frame and sash can get extremely cold.  Heat stopper can keep more of that cold outside, and the additional structure it provides gives more strength to the window sashes; ensuring that your brand new windows will look brand new for years and years to come.

UniShield Max is simply a combination of the innergy feature, the heat stopper technology, our super spacer, and our energy efficient glass packages.  It truly delivers a strong, long lasting window that is perfect for the Minnesota climate.

So  who is the ideal customer for the UniShield Max?   We believe that every homeowner who likes the no maintenance side of vinyl, and who wants to put an insulated, energy efficient window into their home is going to love the UniShield Max.  Does that sound like you?  Call Steve the Window Guy at today for your free, no obligation estimate!

Steve The Window Guy sells more than just windows in MN! Steve The Window Guy sells more than just windows in MN!

Author:  Melissa Brager

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Innergy: Introducing Innergy in all UniShield Replacement Windows

This blog introduces Innergy rigid thermal reinforcement for Unishield replacement windows.

Innergy technology has arrived!   The UniShield vinyl replacement windows, offered exclusively by Universal Windows Direct Dealers across the country now offer Innergy as the latest must have upgrade.   What is it?  It is an advanced fiberglass reinforced resin insert that is specially designed to slide into window and door chambers to provide greater insulation AND greater support to your window frames.

Why is Innergy better?innergy product photo

  1. Thermal Break and Energy Performance:  Think of Innergy as a secret weapon against wasted energy.   By providing a strong thermal break in your frames it makes sure that you stay as comfortable in your home as you deserve to be.   Not only that, but it provides another layer of protection against indoor condensation that can build up.
  2. Strength.   The Innergy composite provides strength and structural reinforcement in your window or door frames. It also provides a superior impact performance – keeping your home safer in extreme weather situations.
  3.  Innergy is green.   Inside and out.  As a soy based resin component it is an environmentally safe green product.  It is plant based, made of renewable products and fully made without the use of styrene or peroxides.

Simply put, better construction equals a better window.  Isn't that what you want?

universal windows direct mnContact Steve the Window Guy from Universal Windows Direct for your free, no obligation estimate of UniShield replacement windows with Innergy.   He can come out to your home, talk to you about your project, and provide a free -  hands on demonstration of what Innergy looks like.  We are confident that after you see this amazing technology for yourself, you won't consider buying replacement windows without it!

Author:  Melissa Brager

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