Vinyl Window Replacement: Replace just a few windows at a time!

Do I have to do all my windows at once?  Nope!  Honestly,  hardly any one does anymore so we don’t even think it’s weird!

Let me tell you the story of a customer….  Let’s call her Alice .  Alice  and her boyfriend bought a great little house in South Minneapolis that had the oldest windows ever in it.   We are talking single pane windows,  ropes and pulleys, missing screens, some painted shut, etc.  You get the picture.   She desperately wanted to replace every window In the house before the harsh winter set in.    She just didn’t think she could swing it.

You know how it is, right?   You buy a new house and you feel like all the money you had left after closing went to Target in the first few weeks of living there and before you know it you are happy in you brand new house and you feel the poorest you have ever felt in your whole life.     That was Alice. replace windows in your old home

Still, she was hopeful.   She called us and scheduled a free, no obligation estimate.    Steve stopped out to her home and they discussed  the cost for the entire project.   Then they broke up the windows into a few different projects for her to think about as well.  She considered the entire front of the house for curb appeal, or the entire 2nd level of the house  for energy savings, but she ultimately chose to replace the windows of the rooms she will spend the most time in all winter; her bedroom and the living / dining room.   Smart.

Bottom line, it is normal to replace your windows in stages.   It happens every day and no one thinks it is weird.   It is actually smart.   Of course, with our financing programs you can probably afford more than you think.   Give us a call and let our sales reps stop out and talk to you about what you want, and work with you to create a plan.  Then enjoy a draft free winter!

Melissa Brager

Universal Windows Direct

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Window Terminology: Window Terms Starting with "J"


A vertical member at the side of a window frame, or the horizontal member at the top of the window frame, as in head jamb.  Jambs  are generally untouched in a insert window replacement.

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