Home and Garden Show: Tips for Visiting Companies at the Home & Garden Show

Are you ready?   The Minneapolis Home & Garden Show starts today and extends through the weekend.    This amazing show fills up the Minneapolis Convention Center with hundreds of companies poised to show you their best.     It really is a massive sight and it can be easy to become overwhelmed...  especially if you have a specific project in mind, like replacing your windows, siding, or doors.Minneapolis Home & Garden Show

Visiting The Home & Garden Show is a fantastic way to talk with company representatives, see their products and determine who you want to get estimates from and work with.  But with so many different companies available how do you choose?  Fear not, dear reader, we have tips for you!

  1. Evaluate their booth and display.   Think about that booth being your home during the project.    It is dusty, disorganized and cluttered?  Or is it clean, approachable and bright?   How has that company chosen to give you their first impression?
  2. Is the booth staffed with knowledgeable and friendly staff?   Are they able to talk to you about the company and their products or does it seem they are just warm bodies working their hours?
  3. When the booth staff is knowledgeable do they spend their time with you educating you on their product and the value they can provide or are they too busy pointing out flaws in the competition?   If it seems that the only way they think they can earn your business is by lying about the competition is that really the type of company you want to work with?  Consider how important professionalism and integrity is to you. 
  4. Avoid signing up for "FREE" prizes or giveaways.   While there is a chance you could win the stated prize,  you know for sure you will win solicitation phone calls and emails from those companies for months or even years.  Unless you change your phone number.    Choose carefully who you provide your contact information to!
  5. Do you LIKE what you see?  What better opportunity to view examples of work, or to touch and feel the various products side by side.  When shopping for windows, for example, you might think they all look alike...  but when you start opening and closing them and viewing the details in construction, you'll notice in a hurry what cheap feels like.    Don't you deserve quality?

Enjoy the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show and when you're there..  stop by and say hi to Universal Windows Direct.   We are located in Booth #3537...  not far from the kitchen stage at aisle 3700.    See you there!

Melissa Brager, Universal Windows Direct

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