Window Replacement: Choosing a Glass Package


Imagine sitting at the table with your spouse and the window salesman when you get the question...  "Do you want double pane or triple pane glass?"   ACK!!   I don't know!  Panic!  What do I want?  What do I need?  HELP!

If you're going to replace your windows you want to choose the window that is right for you and glass package is a big part of that.  The decisions you need to make about glass package are both panes of glass and type of insulating gas.   But how are you supposed to know what is right?   This blog will give you a few things to think about as you make that decision.   

UniShield Glass Options

Decision #1:  Is double pane enough or would triple pane be better?  Here are some things to think about.   Is your home exposed to lots of wind?  Do you live by a busy road?  Are you near a school with lots of bus traffic?  Do you have airport noise?    If so, the triple pane upgrade is a great option because it can really reduce outside noise.  Are you just sick of being cold and you want the most energy efficient window possible?  With an extra pane of glass and a second insulating chamber the triple pane window will give you a higher energy rating than a double pane.   Not only that,  but the overall glass width is typically wider with  triple pane so it provides lots of room in the glass to fill with insulating argon or krypton gas.  All of that said,  in reality, the majority of windows we sell are double pane glass.  

 Decision #2:  "Do you want Argon or Krypton?"   Both are odorless, non-toxic gasses used in window construction.  They are the gasses that hang out between the outer and inner panes of glass to insulate the unit and slow down the outside air temps from getting inside.   Argon gas is the most common insulating gas.  Krypton gas is more dense, more energy efficient and more expensive.   You can get argon or krypton gas in either the double pane or the triple pane.

So what is the different, really?   Just cost?    Nope.  Should we dive deep into numbers for a second?  Energy Star rated windows for MN require that the U-Value is .26 or below.   For a double hung window, double pane windows with argon are .26 and triple pane with Krypton are at a .17.  (The lower the number the better).    So there is absolutely a difference in the glass package you choose.    As you make your decision you need to know if the energy efficiency and overall glass package performance is the most important to you, or if budget is.    Krypton gas in a triple pane is far and away the nicest window we have, and it is also the most expensive.  

Finally,  your return on investment is another part of your decision.  How long will you live in your house?  Is the plan to move in 3-5 years or are you making improvements to your forever house?    Upgrades to windows are an investment that will absolutely pay for themselves in energy savings and comfort.  Butif you are moving in a few years will you get enough of that investment back?  Maybe not.   Will the upgrades be awesome selling features?  For sure.   Will they be enough of a selling feature to command a higher asking price?  Not necessarily.  

Glass package is just one of the many options you have when choosing your replacement windows.    

We are a shop at home company specializing in replacing windows, siding, roofs and front entry doors.   As we sit with you and learn about what you want to change on your home we can provide the best product and color options to you.  You can expect lots of questions from us as we try to understand what you're looking for.  For that reason,  it is best if both homeowners are there.   We commit to giving you a detailed, same day estimate.  


Author:  Melissa Brager 


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*Source: 2017 Qualified Remodeler Top 500 list






Triple Pane Glass: Should I Replace my Windows with Triple Pane Glass?

Triple pane glass, simply stated, is a window glass package with three sheets of glass in it, rather than two. You might hear it called triple glazing.

Replacement windows and triple pane glass are on my mind.  I hear people talk about triple pane glass all the time.  What's the big deal?  Is it worth it?

Triple pane glass, simply stated, is a window glass package with three sheets of glass in it, Triple Pane Glassrather than two.   You might hear it called triple glazing.   It just means that in addition to the outer pane of glass and the inner pane, there is a third sheet of glass nestled in between.   There are three main advantages to triple pane glass.

  1. With the third sheet of glass a second chamber is created inside the glass unit to fill with insulating gas, making the performance of the window stronger and the product itself more energy efficient.   Our newest glass package has even wider chambers, with over an inch of insulating space!
  2. A combination of the glass windows with triple panes and the higher insulation value provides a greater sound barrier.  This is especially important if you live near a noisy road, or an airport.    I’ll be honest.  My bedroom window faces  the neighbor with the dog that barks non stop.  If I ever replaced that window, I would seriously consider triple pane!
  3. Status.  There is no question that a triple pane window will be stronger, heavier, and more efficient that a typical double pane window.  Knowing that it is a “better” window in that regard provides any owner of a triple pane window with some status.   If you are someone who likes having the best in your home; consider triple pane.

Does that help? If you know you need replacement windows but are still not sure if triple pane glass is right for you, call Steve the Window Guy from Universal Windows Direct, MN.  We can come out and show you window samples, double and triple pane glass samples and then  have a discussion with you about your all the available options and what makes sense to put in your home.   Contact us today at 612-866-2888.

Author:  Melissa Brager

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