Window Terminology: Window Terms Starting with "P-Q"

Painted Exteriors

Decorative option where the exterior vinyl is painted a different color than the rest of the window.   Adds architectural interest to a home.  Often used in townhome developments to match the existing colors.    UniShield Painted exteriors come with a warranty of 20 years against fading, chipping, blistering or peeling.


A single sheet of glass.   Single pane windows offer no insulating value.    Choose double pane or triple pane glass with argon or krypton for an energy efficient window.


City requirement often required for replacement or new construction windows.   Generally requires an in home inspection after the install to ensure all building and fire code requirements are met.

Picture Window

A window  that does not open.   Typically used in spaces that highlight a beautiful view, or where additional light is desired.

Pocket Window

A window that does not require altering the opening of the home, or re-framing the window space.   Insert windows are installed in the existing opening as is and then re-insulated.   Also referred to as “insert” windows or “replacement windows”


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