12-12-12: Top 12 Options for your Replacement Windows

12-12-12…  such a fun day for numbers!   It reminds me of 11-11-11….  The day we decided NOT to get married because it was a Friday.. which made our anniversary 11-12-11.  So you see why I like the number 12.  But I digress.

In honor of the coolest day ever, I thought I'd highlight our favorite window upgrades.

Top 12 Upgrades for Replacement Windows with Universal Windows Direct

  1. Foam filled main frames - let's get insulated!
  2. Triple Pane glass - increase the energy efficiency - block out the noise
  3. Painted exterior options in multiple colors - even black!
  4. Wood grain interiors - to match existing woodwork in your home
  5. Screen options - new upgraded screens give you a clearer view
  6. Obscure glass - the opposite of a clearer view. Perfect for that bathroom where you want the light to come in but no one to see you
  7. Tempered glass - for safety's sake
  8. Grids and diamond patterns - jazz up the look!
  9. Nailing fin - we can do new construction windows too
  10. Floral view - make a window a feature in the room
  11. Tan or brown - hey.  not everyone likes white
  12. Krypton gas - to really boost up your energy efficiency!

If you are curious to learn more about any of these options...  or just want to visit with one of our awesome window salesmen, give us a call and we'd be happy to set something up.


Melissa Brager

Universal Windows Direct

Window Terminology: Window Terms Starting with "F"

Factory Direct Pricing

Reduced cost pricing where you don’t pay any middle man markups on your product.   When the vinyl windows pass from the factory directly to the person you buy them from, you save money.

Fire Code

City or State Code that define requirements needed to keep a family safe from fire.

Fixed Panel

The side  of a sliding window or slider glass door that doesn’t move.

Fixed Window

A window that doesn’t open.  Also called a picture window.

Float Glass

Glass formed by a process of floating the material on a bed of molten metal. It produces a high-optical-quality glass with parallel surfaces, without polishing and grinding.  Makes the finished product very easy to clean.  This is a feature on the UniShield Window

Foam Fill

An option on the UniShield window where insulation is blown into the air chambers of the window frame, providing even more insulation.   Perfect for a climate like MN where every bit of insulation counts.


A deposit of contamination left on the inside surface of a sealed insulating glass unit due to extremes of temperatures or failed seals.


The outer part of the window that holds the sash or casement as well as hardware.

For more information on window terminology, and to get your free quote on replacement windows from Universal Windows Direct, MN contact us today