Spring has Sprung at Universal Windows Direct!

Every year when it starts to feel like spring I think of something my 3rd grade teacher did in our classroom.   She decorated the door with "GNIRPS" and challenged us to figure out what it meant.    Of course, it was SPRING spelled backwards but we were 9 years old, it took us awhile.   Still, I loved the anticipation of figuring it out and finally knowing the answer.

Spring is still all about anticipation for me.   I look forward to winter finally being over and leaving that heavy coat in the closet.  I look forward to the promise of a sunny summer where I can work outside and run around barefoot if I choose.   This year, I look forward to the birth of our baby girl who is certain to keep things interesting around the house!

Spring also bring anticipation to our business, Universal Windows Direct MN,  as well.    To start with we finally get to get out and start talking to homeowners about their upcoming home improvement projects, like replacing their windows, vinyl siding, entry doors and patio doors. We look forward to product enhancements on our exclusive UniShield windows and doors that we know you're going to love.   And this year, we look forward to the addition of Adam, who is going to be our next great salesman!

It may be raining today but April showers just mean we get to look forward to more May flowers and who doesn't look forward to that?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Melissa Brager, Universal Windows Direct, MN

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Window Terminology: Window Terms Starting with "U"

U-Factor (U-value)

Measures heat loss or heat gain through a product.  The U-factor may be expressed for the glass alone or the entire window, which includes the effect of the frame and the spacer materials. The lower the U-factor, the greater a window's resistance to heat flow and the better its insulating value.

Ultraviolet Light (UV)

The invisible rays of the spectrum that are outside of the visible spectrum at its short-wavelength violet end. Ultraviolet rays are found in everyday sunlight and can cause fading of paint finishes, carpets, and fabrics.


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