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Your mind is spinning.

You spent hours in the Metrodome over the weekend talking to vendor after vendor after vendor about every project on your wish list.       You looked at so many pictures that your window replacement project suddenly turned into a bathroom remodel, a new deck, and some custom roll-outs for your kitchen.  You bought salsa mix, a new pillow and some new sheets.   You gathered business cards and company literature like crazy and once your bag was full you decided you were done.    As you walked up the 79 steps (or so) to get out of the Dome you started wishing you had also bought a hot tub or a sauna to soothe your aching muscles.

But the instant you stepped outside and that biting cold hit your face you were back in reality.   Windows.   All that dreaming was fun but the fact remains that you still have that super drafty window in the living room by your favorite chair.  And don't forget that window in your bedroom that is not only completely fogged up but actually has frost in between the panes of glass right now.  You wish you would have set appointments to get it priced out.   Back to reality.

So here you are sorting through information and looking up companies online.   We thank Remember us?  Thanks for stopping!you for stopping in our booth and we thank you again for looking us up online today.  Universal Windows Direct, Twin Cities, is a family run business offering the exclusive UniShield line of windows and doors.

  1. We offer a foam filled main frame for extra insulation
  2. Super spacer is standard in the glass package for longevity in window performance.
  3. Options are available for every home and budget - including white, tan, and brown windows with maintenance free wood grain interiors.

So if you are a homeowner looking for replacement windows in the Twin Cities, contact us today and get started with a free quote.  In as little as 6 weeks you can be enjoying your new, energy efficient windows.

Considering a new patio door and/or entry door?  No problem!     Quotes are always free, and you'll quickly see that the price does reflect when you buy direct.

Thanks for checking us out and we'll talk to you soon!

Author:  Melissa Brager

Operations Manager, Universal Windows Direct, Twin Cities

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