Universal Windows Direct: Local Thoughts from the Office

Hi!    I'm Melissa!   

I'm the girl working in the office and when you call to schedule a free quote or to talk with one of the guys, I'm the one who will answer the phone.

You've maybe seen me out working  at Home Shows and Events throughout the Twin Cities area, but most of my time is spent right here in the office.  I'm sure you can imagine how interesting this job is.   Every day is a flurry of windows and doors being sold, measured, ordered, delivered, installed and paid for.  I work with some of the best guys I know and I love it.   They always show up with a smile, they are quick to laugh, they care about how they treat people and they are crazy good at their jobs.

I haven't always worked in the Home Improvement industry.  In fact, since graduating from St. Bens / St. John's I have enjoyed working in multiple organizations including social service, retail & operations management, Corporate HR,  recruiting, and project management.  Not surprisingly, working in a small business like this one combines a little bit of everything I've done before.   I'm in a good place.

As part of our website upgrade I have been tasked with writing our local blog.   I'll write about the personal side of Universal Windows Direct.   Expect to find info on upcoming events, local updates and our take on industry news.   Well, you made it this far.  I hope you come back and visit in the future.   Until then...