Window Replacement: Choosing Colors and Grid Patterns

Window color and grid patterns are just a few of the decisions you have to make when choosing a replacement window for your home.    When you invite us out for a consultation we will help you choose from a variety of options.   Generally, you should have an idea of if you want to keep the same sort of look as you have in your home now or if you are interested in changing it.   Replacing windows in your home makes an impact and choosing a different color and adding, changing or removing grids can increase that impact tremendously!

This window is a 3 lite bay in cherry wood grain with the oak framed stained to match,  with wood grain prairie grids.   

Replacement Window Colors

When choosing new windows,  the way they look is almost as important as the way they perform.  Obviously as you choose your windows you want them to be super energy efficient.. But that is on the inside.  The fact of the matter is that the outside of the window is what you’ll look at all the time and what you’ll see when you pull up to your house.  So what do you like?  Are you drawn to a brand new white window because it looks like a fresh and new house?   Do you prefer a tan vinyl to soften it up a bit or a dark brown to match the style of your home?  Better yet, does a wood grain interior option give you the extra warmth in a room you crave?   With four different interior wood grains to choose from we are confident we can help you choose one that go well with your living space. Let's not forget,  the joy of vinyl - even a wood grain vinyl - is that it is maintenance free and will look wonderful for years. 

Replacement Window Grid Options

Similarly, window grids can change the appearance of your windows.   You can put grids on just the top sash, the top and bottom sash, or choose no grids at all.  For a more modern look some people like just 2 vertical bars in their window with no horizontal.   If you’ve had the traditional colonial style grids in your house you might want to switch to a prairie view.  You may even want to remove the grids entirely and enjoy a clear view out to the back yard,  or highlight a special room in your house with an etched floral view.   Check out our website for a more complete listing of color and grid patterns available to you.


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We are a shop at home company specializing in replacing windows, siding, roofs and front entry doors.   As we sit with you and learn about what you want to change on your home we can provide the best product and color options to you.  You can expect lots of questions from us as we try to understand what you're looking for.  For that reason,  it is best if both homeowners are there.   We commit to giving you a detailed, same day estimate.  



Author:  Melissa Brager 


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*Source: 2017 Qualified Remodeler Top 500 list