Roofing Quote - What to expect when getting a quote for a new roof

Roofing quotes can be crazy.  Here is a story about one of them.


We recently met with some homeowners; we'll call them John and Mary.    They know it is time to get their roof replaced and have started the processing of talking to roofing contractors and getting quotes.

Moss growing on roof Moss growing on roof

Each contractor that came to their home gave them a very different experience.

1.  One guy was there two weeks ago and still hasn't given them a price.

2.  Another guy jotted down a number on the back of a business card and told them to call when they were ready.

3.  A third guy asked what the jotted down price was and then gave them a lower bid - verbally.

None of these guys talked to them about the condition of their current roof, the process to replace it or the materials they were quoted.  Even though John and Mary had been at 3 meetings about their roof they had no idea what was included or excluded from the quote.  They never saw any shingle samples, and they certainly didn't pick out a color.  So they felt they were moving forward with the process, but only because of the amount of activity...  not because of the information they had gained.

Enter Steve the Window Guy.   Cartoon come to life!  


He does roofs, too!

He started by going up on to their roof so he could really see the current condition of it.   That way, when he talked to John and Mary he could tell them what he saw and how the install of the new roof would eliminate those visible issues.  He even took pictures so he could show them what he was talking about.

Next he went into their attic to look at the insulation.   Having an insulated - and well ventilated attic is key to helping your roof perform.  Not only that, but it also helps to prevent ice dams.

When he sat down at the table with John and Mary he talked about product.  He explained to them why the system of products work together to give them the strongest roof possible.  He pulled out several shingles color samples so they could make a choice.   He talked about warranty.   He explained to them what would happen during the roofing tear off and install.   He was specific about possible issues that could be discovered during the tear off and exactly what would need to happen to repair them.

He was the most thorough, and provided the most piece of mind  to John and Mary.  We'll be starting their roof in a few weeks and we can't wait to show you the pictures of their before and after.

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Melissa Brager

Operations Manager