Steve (The Window Guy) Brager, Sales and Production

The face of the company. Steve spends every day consulting with homeowners about their projects, prepping for upcoming installs, and checking in on active installs.

His Why? I do it to help people make their homes better. Taking a project from an idea into a finished product is the best. Even replacing a room full of windows changes the feel of a home. It’s awesome.

When he isn’t at work you’ll find him biking around the lakes with his little buddy Tessie, watching movies and enjoying a bowl of ice cream.

Favorite Cheeseburger? Beef burger with bacon, Cheddar and raw onions!

Melissa meet the staff.jpg

Melissa Brager, Marketing and Operations

Steve’s biggest fan, and the behind the scenes gal. Melissa spends every day in the office working with the staff to make sure the schedule is full, shows are scheduled, orders are placed and everything is moving forward. She is also the voice of the company writing all of the marketing pieces.

Her Why? She takes great satisfaction in seeing something the team has worked hard on get completed beautifully. . Being self employed gives her the freedom and flexibility to be as thoughtful and generous as possible with the people most important to her.

When She Isn’t At Work: You’ll find her at home baking, reading, or planning the next family adventure.

Favorite Cheeseburger? Not too greasy with a lightly toasted Brioche bun and topped with blue cheese and grilled onions. YUMMY!

Kasey Meet Staff.jpg

Kasey Owens, Administrator of Delight

Kasey spends her days in the office answering calls, chatting with customers, scheduling appointments and completing all of the daily transactions that make this office move. You may also find her out working shows and events for us.

Her Why? Working for a small business makes her feel she is contributing to the community. The hours also allow her to work on completing her degree. We first met Kasey when she was an early pre-school teacher for our daughter. Her confidence and positive personality was infectious then and is amazing to have in our office now.

When She Isn’t At Work: She us busy playing with her 2 little boys at local parks. She may also be creating makeup tutorials on YouTube, and she has recently discovered a love for BINGO.

Favorite Cheeseburger: A good juicy cheeseburger with AAALLL the toppings! Preferable at Caspers, in Eagan.

Box Truck.jpg

This is Andre

Andre is our Salesman who spends his days consulting with homeowners about our products, educating them on the product features, and helping them find the right window or door for their home. He also represents us out at Trade Shows and Summer Family Events. Andre loves people and has a super energy when you talk to him.

His Why? He has been in the industry for over 20 years and he absolutely loves the process of talking to people about what they need, and then helping them get it at a great price.

When He Isn’t At Work: You’ll find him camping with friends, gaming, or singing in his church choir.

Favorite Cheeseburger: He’d like a bacon double cheeseburger please. Preferably at the Cottage Grove Bowl which has the best one he has found.

This represents our installers. (Jeff, Mike, Mike, Matt, Ramon, Abel, Tony and Kent). The trailer is pulled by Jeff and his crew and Matt and his guys drive a different truck. Our Siders, Roofers, and Gutter Installers also drive different trucks and they work so hard all summer that we would never get them all in a picture even if we tried.

Their WHY? They learned a trade. They recognized the value of trades early in their life, they worked hard at it and now they are happy to be sought after for the skill they provide. They do beautiful work. They love to walk away from a job and see the improvements that they made… with their own hands.

When they aren’t at work… From what I can gather, these guys are a mixed bag. There is a lot of fishing and ice fishing and hunting involved. They are family guys so there is a fair amount of soccer games and cookouts in their lives.

Favorite Cheeseburgers? Hmmmm