Friday Things.. Weekly Recap from Steve the Window Guy

Happy Halloween from your favorite window guy!

Enjoy this blog post showing our top 8 highlights from the past week!



  1. We are blessed with an incredible team of installers  - from windows and doors to siding to roofing.   This week we blessed them right back with the addition of a fenced in dumpster on site by our warehouse.  
  2. Installs include not one but two amazing bay windows, several houses full of windows, and a patio door.   
  3. The siding on the duplex was completed and Jamie and the boys rolled right into their next house.  
  4. Our warehouse is taking shape with the addition of a wall to really clarify our space.  It's been a long time coming and we're thrilled.
  5. We joined Instagram!  Follow us at StevetheWindowGuy for a behind the scenes look at our business.
  6. We somehow managed to return calls and run all of our appointments even though Steve the Window Guy lost his voice.   Nothing creepier than a sales guy who shows up and just whispers, right?
  7. We are loading up for a show in Maple Grove as we speak.
  8. And...  we managed to find time for pumpkin carving.  Our little window toddler didn't like it so much.  It was too messy for her.  Who does that sound like?

We hope your week was grand!  Have a safe and SWEET Halloween.  Don't forget to turn your clocks back on Saturday night!