Window Screens with Better Bug Protection: Universal Windows Direct MN Offers Screen Upgrades

Window screens  prevent mosquitoes from getting in to your home.

Nobody likes mosquitoes.   Even though people in Minnesota sort of joke about them being the "state bird" no one is really proud of that.   This past weekend my brothers and sisters and I spent a day at our parents house doing projects outside and every bugsingle time a mosquito was spotted it was disgust.  Discussed.   Whatever.   Nobody likes mosquitoes.   We were  all slightly horrified that they were buzzing around us on what felt like the first warm day we've had.

I wonder how many people consider screen options as they head down the path of window replacement.  It is easy to focus on quality of window, window ratings, window options and price .... so the screen just gets lumped in as part of the overall project.   I think most people focus on how that new window will perform when it is closed.   Will it keep your home warm enough?  Cool enough?   Will it keep you safe?  Will it drown out the outdoor noise?  Few people consider the performance of the screen on that window when its open.

Screens are just there, right?  Day and night.  365 days a year.  Screens just do their job.  Clinging to your windows like superheroes protecting your home from outdoor junk like sticks and rocks and all sorts of bugs.   But they actually do more than that.

Window screens also allow air flow into the home and depending on the weave, can even offer you a clearer view of the outdoors.    Our patio door screens even offer an pet screen that increases performance of the screen if you have a dog or an energetic cat going after it.

At Universal Windows Direct, MN we offer several different screen options for your replacement windows - including one that offers advanced protection from bugs.   In addition to our proven and reliable standard screen, we offer the following replacement window screen upgrades:

BetterVue Window Screen

  • 10% Better airflow into your home.
  • 10% Clearer view to outside
  • 10% Better protection from bugs

UltraVue Window Screen

  • 25%  Better airflow into your home
  • 25%  Clearer view to outside

Check out this picture that illustrates the differences in the view with the upgraded screen options.   Amazing, right?

So, bring on the mosquitoes because our upgrade screen options can handle it.    Mention you saw this blog post and receive a FREE upgrade to the BetterVue Screen with increased insect protection for the month of June.    Quotes are always free and we have samples of the screen we can show you in your home!

"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito."   Dalai Lamai XIV

Thanks for reading!

Author:  Melissa Brager, Operations Manager

Universal Windows Direct, Twin Cities

PS:  After re-reading this post I am noticing all the assumptions out theree.   Nobody likes mosquitoes.  Nobody thinks about screens.   Nobody wants bugs in their house.    My apologies if I'm wrong!

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