New Year - New Start: Universal Windows Direct Resolutions

Part of me thinks that New Year's Day is a silly holiday. If you aren't a football fan there really isn't anything to DO. There aren't specific New Year's Day foods, or traditions or activities. It is really just a day to sleep in and re-evaluate your life, your plans, and move forward with a fresh start.

So what are your resolutions? Are they fitness related? Relationship related? Career focused? Home Improvement focused? More importantly, how will you know that you've achieved them? Is someone else holding you accountable? Are you checking in with yourself? Are you writing them down?

I actually started to write them down, then I realized they are always the same. So this year I'm going to do monthly resolutions. THIS month we have a few weekends consumed by Home Improvement shows, so I will focus on buying and packing healthy food for us to eat while we are working. I will embrace the crock pot. =)

The baby, I am certain, will focus on cutting teeth and crawling.

The business will focus on having a great January. We will smile and greet you when you visit us at the show. We will give you great service and will offer show discounts. We will continue our plans to market our business in a bigger and better way. We will seek constant improvement. Little by little. Day by day. Year by Year.

Are you along for the ride? Hope so. See you soon.

Melissa Brager, Operations Manager Universal Windows Direct, MN