Window Terminology: Window Terms Starting with "W"

Warm-Edge Technology

The use of low-conductance spacers to reduce heat transfer near the edge of insulated glazing.

Weather stripping

A strip of resilient material for covering the joint between the window sash and frame in order to reduce air leaks and prevent water from entering the structure.

Weep Hole

A small opening in a window or door sill member through which water may drain to the building exterior.

Window Failure

Common reason for buying replacement windows.   Caused by seal failure, noticed by condensation and fog in between the panels of glass.

Wood Grain Interiors

Option available in the UniShield replacement windows to keep a wood look on the  interior of the window, while keeping it maintenance free.


Option used to finish the exterior of the window.   Wrap covers the outside stops and adds visual interest to the home.


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