Window Terminology: Window Terms Starting with "M"

Maintenance Free

Term used frequently with vinyl windows.   There is no scraping, painting, staining, sanding or caulking required to keep the windows looking great.

Meeting Rail

The part of a sliding window, a sliding glass door, or a hung window where two panels meet, and create a weather barrier.

Metal Spacer

Spacer used in lower end windows.  Conducts heat and cold through the window and typically carries a lower warranty.


A major structural vertical or horizontal member between window units.   UniShield windows can be factory mulled, or mulled in the field.


Another word for “Grids”.   A decorative window option that gives the appearance of a multilight sash, but in a single panel.  UniShield windows offer contoured and prairie style muntins – in either etched glass or in a color matching the interior finish.


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