Focus: The Personal Side of UWD is all about Focus

Today is shaping up to be one of those days.   I am sitting here in my "backyard office" welcoming the breeze and enjoying my  iced coffee.  (Thank goodness I can still drink coffee when its 97 degrees outside. )   My favorite productivity book ever is called "Never Check Your Email in the Morning".   Julie Morgenstern wrote it and I believe she is spot on.    Sometimes when you have projects that need attention the best way to make sure they get done is by ignoring the nagging email box.

Which is why I'm in the backyard.   It's lovely out here and I find it to be the perfect place to think.   This morning I'm working on getting you this blog, obviously,  but I'm also planning some new web marketing ideas, making changes to this blog structure and getting ready for our upcoming shows.   If I have time I'll start planning the dealer newsletter before I scoot down to Farmington to help my sister with a quick home project.   This evening will probably find me grilling dinner before heading back to the office to finish up some tasks and finally to check email.

June is going to be a very busy month for us.  In addition to a full install schedule and lots of new appointments (we LOVE referrals!), we have outdoor marketing events planned every weekend.   We also have a week with my lovely niece and nephew, drinks with friends, a grade school reunion, tickets to Cirque du Soleil, and of course, graduation parties, birthday parties and Fathers Day Celebrations.   Hopefully we'll even find time to sneak away to a cabin!

You see, keeping busy at work is one thing, but keeping balanced and happy in your personal life is what it's all about.   Focus on what is important and everything else will fall into place.

One last tip before I go...  Always check your Facebook account in the morning.    Sometimes the best way to start your day is a picture of your 18 month old nephew peering in a bucket at a frog he just discovered he is in love with.

If one of those "big things" you've been meaning to focus on is getting quotes on replacing your windows, siding, or doors, contact us today. We'd love to make time to meet you!

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