Friday Things - July 5, 2019

July, Darling.

Is it Friday? Is it Monday? What is happening? Few things are more confusing than a day off for a holiday in the middle of the week. Also, few things are more fantastic!

door with flag.jpg
  • We finished this week’s siding job. This navy blue color is our new favorite. It looks so good on every house! Of course this time of year I want to bring a great big flowering basket of red flowers to them when the job is finished.

  • Check out this door…. LOVE it!!

  • Last Friday night we went to see Toy Story 4 as a family along with Steve’s Mom. Shortly into the previews we realized we were too close so Steve and I went up 8 rows or so leaving T with his Mom. So much for a family date! Have you ever done that?

  • Have you seen our Meet the Staff page on our website yet? Check it out to read a quick bio on the core 4 (Steve, Melissa, Kasey and Andre).

  • Our radio spots on KS95 are officially in production. Tune in on Saturday mornings while you drive to the cabin and you’ll hear us!

  • The TV Commercial is scheduled to shoot next week.

  • Last but not least.. waking up to this on your window can be alarming but it isn’t. Outdoor humidity gathers on the outside of your glass in the summer in the same way that indoor humidity gathers on the inside of the glass in the winter time. As the sun warms it up it should burn off. HOWEVER.. when that moisture gets trapped in between the panes of glass there is a problem.


Personally, we had a great time once again this year at the Bloomington Fete. Inflatables, friends, food trucks and fireworks.. nothing better. Speaking of food trucks.. the crispy cauli tacos from Reverie are EVERYTHING. I might start stalking that truck so I can have it more. If you haven’t heard about them you should absolutely check them out!

The weekend’s schedule is open. We might crash a lake place for some good old fashioned outside time, or it it rains we might just focus on crafts and movies and perhaps some cookie baking. I’m reading a great book right now that I highly recommend. The Cactus by Sarah Haywood is perfect for reading if its raining or if you’re sitting by the lake!

Thanks so much for pulling back the curtain to learn about our week. See ya next time!

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*Source: Qualified Remodelers Top 500 List, Published September 2018.

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