Friday Things 2-8-19

Surviving the Polar Vortex…. Steve the Window Guy Style.

Wowza. What a few weeks! If you are like most Minnesotans (especially those with kids at home) you have experienced the following emotions over the last few weeks:

  • The inability to get warm.

  • The thrill of a snow day, followed by the dread of the 3rd snow day in a row

  • That claustrophobic feeling of being trapped in your home but knowing it is too cold to go anywhere. Made infinitely worse when your appointment schedule clears and your whole family is just in the house staring at each other.

  • Feeling like you’re supposed to be doing something but not being able to do anything.

  • Running out of the essential groceries and not caring enough to drive to the store to get more.

Of course, as a window replacement company we had different things happen to, like we started fielding calls about cancelled appointments, cancelled installs, stress cracks in windows caused by insanely cold temperatures and 70 degree temperature swings, and concerns about indoor humidity showing itself on glass.

Aside from all of that our last few weeks have been fairly normal. Our new radio campaign on KS95 started, our Billboard is up in Downtown Minnneapolis, we had a great show at US Bank Stadium, and our office is moving forward on all the important stuff that keeps us moving. We remain, as always, committed to our customers.

truck in the snow.jpg

Zooming out to do a cold weather estimate.

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We are a shop at home company specializing in replacing windows, siding, roofs and front entry doors.   As we sit with you and learn about what you want to change on your home we can provide the best product and color options to you.  You can expect lots of questions from us as we try to understand what you're looking for.  For that reason,  it is best if both homeowners are there.   We commit to giving you a detailed, same day estimate.  

Steve the Window Guy for Universal Windows Direct is a full exterior remodeling company focusing on replacing windows, siding and roofing. Steve and his team of are experts in working with people just like you to create a plan for the most cost efficient way to complete your exterior remodeling project. We are part of a national dealer network that has catupulted to the 11th largest* remodeling company in the nation. Locally we have an A+ rating with the BBB with zero complaints. Steve has been recognized by Universal Windows Direct as National Dealer of the Year three times for his hard work and dedication to getting things right. We are locally owned and operated in Bloomington, MN and work throughtout the Twin Cities Metro. Updating your home can be easy.

We believe Steve the Window, Siding and Roofing Guy was just too long of a name.

*Source: Qualified Remodelers Top 500 List, Published September 2018.

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