Friday Things 1-25-19

Show season is officially upon us!! Show season can definitely be a grind as each week we set up, tear down, schedule and work the show. But… they can be fun too. Steve enjoys the social aspect of working them as he has made friends with other vendors over the years, past customers always stop by and of course there is always the random possibility of seeing an old friend. Just last weekend Steve noticed a guy walking by with a NPL hat (the company he worked at previously). Being Steve, he shouted out “Hey NPL! I used to work there!” The guy quickly replied “I know Steve. I used to work for you.” Well…. it would be embarrassing if not for the masses of people who worked for him over the years who have since grown in to men with full beards and families. =) Turns out, the world is full of Ditch diggers. It’s a good group to be a part of!

This weekend is the Home and Remodeling Expo on the field at US Bank Stadium. It runs 10-9 Friday and Saturday, and 10-6 on Sunday. Bundle up, head down to the stadium and visit with all your favorite home improvement contractors. Our booth will be staffed with the whole crew.. Steve, Melissa, John, Sy, and Chris. Remember, smiles AND selfies are always free. Find us in the end zone.

The rest of this week was filled with all the usual things as well as a few exciting new ones.

  • Kasey, our new Administrator of Delight is finishing her training and is truly bringing delight into the office.

  • We have hired another salesman to wow you with his window demo powers

  • We have 2 new radio commercials in rotation starting tomorrow!

  • Our internet provider changed (which sounds like a boring update unless you realize how spotty our coverage has been)

  • The piles that have been accumulating around the office are one by one going away and we all know how good it feels to rid your life of piles and clutter. We aren’t alone there, are we?

Have a great weekend everyone. Stay Cozy!

We are a shop at home company specializing in replacing windows, siding, roofs and front entry doors.   As we sit with you and learn about what you want to change on your home we can provide the best product and color options to you.  You can expect lots of questions from us as we try to understand what you're looking for.  For that reason,  it is best if both homeowners are there.   We commit to giving you a detailed, same day estimate.  

Steve the Window Guy for Universal Windows Direct is a full exterior remodeling company focusing on replacing windows, siding and roofing. Steve and his team of are experts in working with people just like you to create a plan for the most cost efficient way to complete your exterior remodeling project. We are part of a national dealer network that has catupulted to the 11th largest* remodeling company in the nation. Locally we have an A+ rating with the BBB with zero complaints. Steve has been recognized by Universal Windows Direct as National Dealer of the Year three times for his hard work and dedication to getting things right. We are locally owned and operated in Bloomington, MN and work throughtout the Twin Cities Metro. Updating your home can be easy.

We believe Steve the Window, Siding and Roofing Guy was just too long of a name.

*Source: Qualified Remodelers Top 500 List, Published September 2018.

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