Friday Things... October 4, 2019

Lies we tell ourselves, Hail, Marketing & More…

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I firmly believe that if you’re a parent one of life’s great lies is “When school starts things will get easier.” Yes, some things get easier but there are new things, there are harder things, and in MN… most of these things start happening in the cold and the dark. Our girl is LOVING second grade. She is continuing gymnastics and piano this year and she just started the chess club after school as well.

As a homeowner there is another lie we tell ourselves. It’s “I’ll just wait for a hail storm and THEN I’ll get a new roof or siding.” Guess what? Hail storms are STRESSFUL. For EVERYBODY. The lie is that hail chews up your exterior and then lickety split a friendly insurance adjuster arrives with a checkbook and magically you have all the funds you need to do your house. The reality is that the majority of the time it is a very long process and it can often involve a fight.. tooth and nail… to have that check actually cover everything you need it to. The other reality is that you can expect to be BOMBARDED by sketchy storm chasers in the first hours after a storm. Your door will be knocked non stop. Your phones will ring. They will pressure you and sometimes your excitement for that big fat check will mean you will sign a contract with someone without doing any of the due diligence you would normally do…. and then you regret it. Here is the thing. YOU ALWAYS GET TO DECIDE WHO DOES YOUR WORK. It’s your house. And when you choose a contractor you trust to be your advocate it may take a bit more time to get everything covered, but we will make sure everything gets covered.

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In our office, we don’t chase the storms. But we do call our customers who may have been impacted to offer our services for an inspection. We will meet with your insurance adjuster to assess damage. We do continue to take referrals. We do care and we will help.

Go ahead. Ask what our office has been consumed by the last 2 months. (hail)

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Meanwhile… here are some other great tidbits:

  • Steve, Tessie and I took a long weekend over Labor Day to road trip through Vermont and New Hampshire. It was 4 days of bliss. We all had a blast and saw some amazing amazing things… including Smugglers Notch, Lost River Canyon, Franconias Notch, the Kanc Highway, Dianas Falls, and… the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Tour outside Waterbury! We even stopped twice for italian outside of Boston. We highly recommend every single thing we did!

  • New radio spots are playing! Listen to KS95 on Saturday and Monday mornings for some Window Guy magic! We’ll get those spots on social media soon so stay tuned!

  • Our team walked in the Walk for Alzheimer’s last weekend. Did you know that MN has the largest walk in the country? We didn’t either!

  • We are working on our TV commercials for this winter… how can we make them stand out?

  • Cooler weather means things like Wild Rice Soup, Banana Bread, and Pumpkin Muffins… all things Tessie and I have made this last week!

  • Cooler weather also means more reading. I counted yesterday and between Tessie and I were are in the middle of 10 books. Like mother, like daughter.

Fridays are exciting. The promise of a calmer few days always lies ahead. What do you have planned?

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*Source: Qualified Remodelers Top 500 List, Published September 2018.

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